Our Creators!

This page shows all of our content creators who are open to work for paid partnerships and campaigns. To get in touch reach out to talent@sailboatmktg.com or the email next to their profile. 

Brooklyn Brenner

Total Reach: 500,000+

TikTok: 319k Followers

Instagram: 16.2k Followers

About: My name is Brooklyn Brenner, and I’m from a small farm town in Eastern Colorado. I work at the local grain elevator full time and create content on the side. I enjoy creating light-hearted and funny content (in general) but more specifically about farm life. My goal is to show farming and ranching in a positive light.

For Business Inquiries: brooklyn@sailboatmktg.com

Allison Bunyard

Total Reach: 15,000+

TikTok: 6,000 Followers

Pinterest: 8,000 Followers

About: I’m a content creator specializing in fashion, travel, and lifestyle recommendations. I have worked with a variety of high-end beauty and apparel brands for partnerships. In my daily life, I work in a school setting as a speech language pathologist assistant. 

For Business Inquiries: alli@sailboatmktg.com


Total Reach: 300,000+

TikTok: 258k Followers

Instagram: 1,000 Followers

About: I’m a Texas based influencer who lives to create content! You may have heard my voice in the viral Tiktok audio “How am I supposed to Live, Laugh, Love in these conditions?” When I’m not working on my personal brand, I’m a full time Social Media Marketer. Content creation is truly my life!

For Business Inquiries: karleigh@sailboatmktg.com

Adya Roy

Total Reach: 158,000+ 

Instagram: 12,000+ Followers

About: Hi my name is Adya Roy, the face behind @Thedesicareerwoman. I am a self-proclaimed extrovert and was told that my no-filter nature should be used for the benefit of society. I hope to empower others in STEM especially because this is a blog focusing on a busy girl lifestyle, how to stay hustling but balancing self-care and nontoxic wellness..

For Business Inquiries: adya@sailboatmktg.com