Meet the team!

Jaydon & Annika Maehs

Jaydon is the founder of Sailboat Marketing and Annika is his biggest fan! Jaydon studied Recreation Management, minored in Marketing, and graduated December 2021 from Oklahoma State University. His passion for marketing comes from a deep understanding of social media algorithms and a desire to help others grow. Annika is wrapping up her masters degree for speech language pathology, she has an eye for all things beautiful and creative and is a valuable asset to our team. They just adopted the cutest Sheepadoodle puppy named Bell Pepper, or Belly for short, and she is the goodest girl in the world. They love all things adventure and seize every moment they can to experience something new.

Hannah Smith

Hannah serves the Sailboat team in many ways. She is extremely creative, has an eye for detail, and looks to help in any way she can. She is our lead media creation expert, she is working for Sailboat on a freelance basis (for now! maybe one day we can bring her on full time.) Hannah is the best dog-mom to Winnie the cutest Golden Doodle you have ever seen. Hannah is a bit of a world traveler herself, enjoying every moment she can with friends, family, and her environment, she is sure to form a deep connection with the clients she works with.