Marketing Consultation

Our marketing consultation services comes in three plans.

Do-It-Yourself, we provide you all the information you need to successfully marketing your business.

Our Done-With-You plan allows us to be more hands-on in setting a direction for you brands marketing goals.

The Done-For-You plan provides detailed marketing goals and insights for you to use moving forward.

Plans can be created and tailored to fit the desired need of the client. Get quoted today!

Plans & Pricing


  • Marketing plan template
  • Goal setting template
  • Target audience template
  • 15-minute consult call


  • 60-minute consult/establishment call
  • Marketing plan collaboration and discussion
  • Target audience establishment & how to reach them
  • Goal setting assistance
  • Understanding analytics template (demographics & reach)


  • 60-minute informational call
  • 30-minute consult call
  • Written marketing plan
  • Completed target audience analysis¬†
  • S.W.O.T. analysis and goal setting.
  • Bi-monthly follow-up and re-evaluation.