Our Services

Our influencer management services work in three different ways. Brands looking to connect with influencers, influencers looking to connect with brands, and influencers looking to grow their audience. We can work together to evaluate what you are needing to help you grow as a content creator.

We serve as the middleman to negotiate fair partnerships between brands and influencers. All pricing will be managed through Sailboat Marketing. These services will be charged a “talent acquisition” fee once services have been agreed upon and effectively executed. The fee can vary depending on the scale of creator and various other factors.

Looking for Talent Management?

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Personal Coaching Packages

Buoy Coaching

Beginner Personal Coaching
$ 150 Monthly
  • 15-Minute weekly check-in
  • Marketing plan development
  • Social media audit (1 platform)
  • Content creation schedule
  • Trend reports
  • 10% Discount on all courses

Lifeboat Coaching

Elite Personal Coaching
$ 250 Monthly
  • 30-Minute weekly check-in
  • Marketing plan development
  • Social media audit (ALL platforms)
  • Content creation schedule
  • Trend reports
  • Profile analytic reports
  • 20% Discount on all courses

Educational Courses

The Ropes

45-minute collaborative group influencer course
$ 60 Per Course
  • 50 slot limit
  • Covering the basics of influencer marketing
  • Promoting yourself
  • Understanding your niche
  • Q/A Answers from submitted questions

Smooth Sailing

90-minute collaborative group influencer course
$ 80 Per Course
  • 80 slot limit
  • Everything from the short course
  • Q/A with live questions and discussions.
  • Tracking current trends
  • Building a community (and keeping them engaged)